Kaz Crossley is best known for starring in smash hit reality TV series Love Island. But the English/Thai beauty, who has a cool 1.2 million followers on Instagram, has been spending a lot of time at a small gym in Buriram.

Kaz shared some footage of her smashing pads at the Wor Watthana gym in north east Thailand:

The model and social media influencer has been helping to raise funds for the gym. She can clearly fight a bit herself although it might be a while before we see Kaz making a competitive experience, she needs that face for her career!

When she is not partying with super models in Dubai or dating reality TV stars Kaz loves nothing more than to travel to rural Isaan in order to train alongside the young fighters at Wor Watthana.

Super model Mia Kang is also a regular visitor to Thailand who loves to train Muay Thai. It seems to be the sport of choice for celebrities and social media influencers!