Shamil Zavurov and Mansour Barnaoui face off in the final of the Road FC Lightweight Grand Prix tomorrow night and both men came in right on the 70kgs limit at today’s weigh ins.

Zavurov (35-5-1) and Barnaoui (17-4) both tipped the scales at exactly 70kgs. The fight is set for Road FC 52 at the Jangchung Arena in Seoul, the promotion’s first card of 2019.

The winner will face reigning lightweight champion A Sol Kwon with $1 million in prize money on the line. The Korean was in attendance and announced he expected Mansour to win, but would be cheering for Shamil.

Meanwhile Moon Jea-Hoon (11-12) weighted in at 61.9kgs and Kim Min-Woo (8-2) was 62.0kgs ahead of their fight which will have the vacant Road FC bantamweight title on the line.

Road FC has some harsh penalties for fighters who miss weight. Jang Dae-Young will be deducted 10 points per round after coming in above the bantamweight limit for his fight with Jang Ik-Hwan.

Road FC 52, Seoul, February 23rd
Shamil Zavurov (70.0kgs) vs. Mansour Barnaoui (70.0kgs) (Lightweight Tournament Final)
Moon Jea-Hoon (61.9kgs) vs. Kim Min-Woo (62.0kgs) (For Vacant Bantamweight Belt)
Michel Pereira (92.8kgs) vs. Kim Dae-Sung (103.9kgs)
Kim Seung-Yeon (80.4kgs) vs. Ki No-Joo (80.0kgs)
Bruno Miranda (70.2kgs) vs. Hong Young-Ki (70.3kgs)
Jang Ik-Hwan (61.9kgs) vs. Jang Dae-Young (63.2kgs)*
Shin Seung-Min (64.2kgs) vs. Jung Jan-Jin (64.3kgs)
Yang Hae-Jun (83.8kgs) vs. Lim Dong-Hwan (84.3kgs)
Lee Jeong-Hyeon (59.8kgs) vs. Park Su-Wan (60.0kgs)
Hong Jung-Gi (66.0kgs) vs. Kim Tae-Sung (65.9kgs)
Hwang Chan-Hwan (61.8kgs) vs. Lee Seong-Su (61.9kgs)
*-10 point per round penalty