More fights have been added to the Pancrase 318 card including a middleweight bout between and. There are currently 15 fights scheduled for Shinkiba Studio Coast on September 27th.

In the featherweight division Toshiomi Kazama (0-1) faces Atsushi Ueda (17-20-8). The former made his pro debut at Pancrase 316 last month and has been matched with an experienced opponent in his second fight.

In the middleweight division Yusei Muramoto (0-2) takes on newcomer Yura Naito. In the flyweight division Haruki Kawakita (0-1)  faces Soba Hashigami (2-1).

Also at featherweight Darani Date (8-9-1) takes on Yota Tatsunari (2-3). Meanwhile Takafumi Ato (9-10-0-1) has been matched with Atsuhito Nagai (4-6) in a strawweight fight.

As previously announced Genpei Hayashi faces Tatsuya Saika in an interim lightweight title bout at Pancrase 318. The winner is likely to face Takasuke Kume for the vacant title further down the line.

Masayuki Kikuiri has been matched with Kenta Takagi in welterweight action. Also on the Pancrase 318 card is the rearranged flyweight fight between Rilley Dutro and Taiki Akiba.

Meanwhile Yusuke Kasuya faces Hiroto Uesako in a fight between two lightweights looking to rebound from losses.

Pancrase 318, Tokyo, September 27th
Genpei Hayashi vs. Tatsuya Saika (For Interim lightweight title)
Rilley Dutro vs. Taiki Akiba (Flyweight)
Masayuki Kikuiri vs. Kenta Takagi (Welterweight)
Yusuke Kasuya vs. Hiroto Uesako (Lightweight)
Yura Naito vs. Yusei Muramoto (Middleweight)
Haruki Kawakita vs Soba Hashigami (Flyweight)
Darani Date vs. Yota Tatsunari (Featherweight)
Toshiomi Kazama vs. Atsushi Ueda (Featherweight)
Takafumi Ato vs Atsuhito Nagai (Strawweight)
Taiga Tanimura vs. Daiki Asahina (Strawweight)
Ryoichi Kitagawa vs. TBD (Flyweight)
Shunsuke Matsubara vs. TBD (Bantamweight)
Mutsuki Miyajima vs. Shuhei Noyama (Bantamweight)
Hirotaka Nakada vs. Yu Karino (Lightweight)
Yuji Arai vs. Yudai Hirono (Middleweight)