The interim welterweight title will be on the line at Pancrase 324. Akihiro Murayama and Masayuki Kikuiri will rematch at Shinkiba Studio Coast on October 17th.

The two fought at Pancrase 320 last December. The bout went the distance with Murayama claiming a decision win, former champion Hiroyuki Tetsuka signed with ONE Championship so the welterweight title is vacant.

Murayama (22-10-9) was last seen in action at Pancrase 320. He is a former welterweight King of Pancrase and has won his last two fights.

Kikuiri (7-2-1) stopped Hiromitsu Miura in the second round at Pancrase 322. His reward for that highlight reel finish is an immediate rematch with Murayama which will have an interim title on the line.

As previously announced Nori Date and Takayo Hashi will go head to head for the interim flyweight title at Shinkiba Studio Coast on October 17th. Sidy Rocha became the promotion’s first ever flyweight champion at Pancrase 304 in 2019 but the Brazilian has yet to defend her title.

Date is coming off a decision win over veteran boxer Raika Emiko at Pancrase 321 while Hashi already challenged for the flyweight title once, dropping a decision to Rocha at Pancrase 304.

Last week Shinkiba Studio Coast announced it would be closing down. Pancrase 323 is set for the venue on September 12th while Pancrase 325 will be there on December 12th.

Pancrase 324, Tokyo, October 17th
Akihiro Murayama vs. Masayuki Kikuiri (For interim welterweight title)
Nori Date vs. Takayo Hashi (For interim flyweight title)