Bob Sapp and Quinton Jackson were both competing for Pride at the start of the century but never faced one another. There is a weight difference of around 100lbs but the Japanese promotion didn’t get small details like that in the way of making the matches they thought people wanted to see.

So the two Americans have never fought one another despite competing on some of the same cards. But they appear to have become firm friends and training partners after being reunited in Phuket.

The two men were photographed together at Bang Tao Muay Thai this week:

Working together

It isn’t a complete coincidence that these two men have ended up on the island at the same time. They are both involved in the upcoming Fight Circus 6 although in what capacity no-one knows.

Given the type of content that has featured on previous Fight Circus cards there is more chance of seeing Jackson and Sapp mud wrestling or dwarf tossing than fighting each other. But as well as being successful mixed martial artists both are natural showmen who know exactly how to sell a fight.

Jackson is five years younger than Sapp but appears to have retired from competitive MMA. He was last seen losing to fellow Pride veteran Fedor Emelianenko at Bellator 237 in Tokyo.


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Incredible shape

Jackson appears to just be visiting Phuket but Sapp is based there permanently. Towards the end of his career he was criticized for not taking fights seriously and the 49 year old ended up retiring with a lot more losses than wins on his record.

But these days Sapp is in incredible shape and looks every inch the professional fighter with his muscular, slimmed down physique. He appears regularly on Fight Circus cards although they don’t generally have him doing anything too strenuous, unless you count slapping promoter Jon Nutt.

Last year Sapp was hoping to secure a fight with Mike Tyson. It didn’t work out but the veteran had a lot of fun trying to provoke the legendary heavyweight boxer.

We don’t know exactly what ‘Rampage’ and Sapp have in store for us. But whatever Fight Circus has planned for the pair of them it is unlikely to be boring!