Bob Sapp and Quentin Jackson participated in a siamese kickboxing bout at Fight Circus 6 on Saturday. For the uninitiated this means that they were joined at the hip by a tailor made shirt with each man wearing a boxing glove on his free hand.

It was a strange sight to begin with as the two veteran mixed martial artists took on Full Metal Dojo promoter Jon Nutt and Bang Tao Muay Thai strength and conditioning coach Andrew Wood. But things got even stranger at the end of the opening round with the referee launching a frenzied attack on Sapp and Jackson:


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Enraged referee

The referee in question, Tommy Hayden, is also a UFC veteran although not quite as well known as Jackson who held the promotion’s light heavyweight title from 2007 until 2008.  However he doesn’t appear to be lacking in confidence as he attempted to take down both men during the break between rounds.

Between them Jackson and Sapp must weigh around 500lbs. But that didn’t stop Hayden, who fought for the UFC as a featherweight, from attempting to take them both down.

He appeared to be upset about Sapp and Jackson taking ‘cheap shots’ at him as he attempted to separate the two pairs of fighters at the end of the round.


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First and foremost

They appeared to have settled their differences by the time the fight finished with Hayden interviewing both men inside the Fight Circus ring. First and foremost the purpose of Fight Circus appears to be fun and everyone involved here definitely seems to have had a good time.

The record books will reflect the fact that Sapp and Jackson won by third round TKO. Although it is possible that this result won’t appear on either man’s record.

The show also featured a ring girl tug of war, a bare knuckle bout between a Grab driver and Food Panda driver, musical chairs of doom and something called the Ring of Violence. Anyone wanting to see more of this type of entertainment will have to wait for Fight Circus 7 because you definitely won’t find it anywhere else!