One of Thailand’s best known MMA promoters was beaten by two men in the heard of Phuket’s red light district last weekend. Jon Nutt, the man behind Full Metal Dojo and Fight Circus, took on two opponents simultaneously.

Nutt was not exactly dressed for the occasion. While his opponents were both wearing MMA shorts and appeared to be well prepared for the bout he was in smart casual gear and looked more like he was attending a low key wedding than competing in an actual fight.

This was Fight Circus 4, a spinoff from Full metal Dojo with bouts that could not exactly be described as ‘well regulated’. You can see the conclusion of Nutt’s fight with two Thai opponents who go by the names ‘Bank’ and ‘No Money’ here:


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Midgets, ladyboys and Bob Sapp

When it comes to the fight game there appears to be strength in numbers as Nutt discovered to his cost, he appears to have lost by TKO. Fortunately for the eccentric American promoter this loss definitely won’t be appearing on his official record.

The event also featured midgets, ladyboys and Bob Sapp although the latter wasn’t actually fighting. Neither were the dwarfs but transexual fighter Nong Rose was on the card, she also suffered a loss:


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Unexpected delay

The event was delayed by several hours when the vehicle transporting the ring was involved in an accident. But the show must go on and the full fight card eventually went ahead.

The action all took place at a nightclub on Bangla Road, a strip of bars more commonly associated with the sex industry than combat sports. Among the other offerings on the fight card were Indian leg wrestling and Siamese twin fighting.

The fight card didn’t feature real Siamese twins, just two fighters bound together. There was also a white collar boxing match between two fighters who were literally wearing suits.

Jon Nutt was slapped by Bob Sapp and then set upon by a mob of angry midgets at the conclusion of the Fight Circus 2 . Fortunately they all seem to have resolved their differences as another weird and whacky installment of this event concluded without a hitch, albeit slightly later than expected.