Fight fans who like to take a walk on the wild side will be excited to hear that Fight Circus 3 is taking place on November 6th. Presented by Full Metal Dojo, the first two events featured bare knuckle boxing, Indian leg wrestling, two on one fights and an impromptu midget brawl.

FMD tweeted out he poster for the third installment in the series:

The Nevada State Athletic Commission probably wouldn’t approve but fortunately these eccentric events take place in Thailand. FMD put on 19 conventional fight cards there before deciding that just doing MMA fights was too boring.

Jon Nutt and Bob Sapp both feature prominently on the poster. The two had an altercation at the end of Fight Circus 2 with the Pride and K-1 veteran slapping the FMD promoter, who was subsequently set upon by an angry mob of midgets.

Both men feature prominently on the events poster while, more intriguingly, the event will also feature a ‘sex doll analyst’. So if sanctioned MMA is bit too dull and you like your events to feature midget brawls and sex doll analysts keen an eye out for Fight Circus 3.