More details are starting to emerge about this weekend’s Fight Circus 6 event. There is a fight card, for starters, as well as a promotional video which gives the emotional back story behind the eagerly anticipated siamese twins kickboxing bout.

Pride veterans Quentin Jackson and Bob Sapp will both compete in the latter event. Not against each other though, they will be joined at the hip with a tailor made shirt in order to take on Jon Nutt and Andrew Wood.

It looks set to be a busy morning (local time) for Nutt who is also the Fight Circus promoter and will have to deal with putting on an entire event, as well as being attacked by Jackson and Sapp simultaneously. Last time out the show was delayed by a car crash so the team behind it will be hoping for better luck on Saturday.

Freakshow fights

Fans of sanctioned MMA who want to see two opponents of equal size and experienced competing under the unified ruleset should probably look away. But if you love to see a freakshow fight, or 12, this card is definitely for you.

The event will feature musical chairs of doom, the human pinata, the wheel of violence, a ring girl tug of war and a white collar brawl. Fight Circus hasn’t exactly pulled participants off the street either, with the possible exception of the two delivery drivers who are fighting for a new motorbike.

Jackson is the former UFC light heavyweight champion while Sapp has fought for K-1, Pride and Rizin. Meanwhile ONE Championship veteran Souris Manfredi will be taking on two opponents called ‘Sativa’ and ‘Indica’.

Mainstream interest

The action will all be taking place at the Illuzion Nightclub in the heart of Phuket’s red light district. The presence of two legendary mixed martial artists like Sapp and Jackson is sure to bring a bit of mainstream interest to this most niche of combat sport events.

Some of the world’s biggest MMA promotions are starting to see the value of having famous YouTubers on their fight cards. The gap between combat sport and entertainment grows narrower every week and while fans of the former might be outraged fans of the latter are probably going to tune in to Fight Circus.