Thailand’s Full Metal Dojo has launched a new amateur promotion. The project has been several years in the making and will finally get underway in 2019 with shows in multiple countries.

Kumite 3000 will feature teams from Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. The opening event is set for Yangon in February and Fox Sports Asia shared the details.

The six teams will each have a squad of three mixed martial artists, made up of two male fighter and one female. Winners will gain a point for their team, while points will also be awarded for impressive performances or finishes.


GET READY FOR KUMITE 3000In 2019 fighters from 6 Asian countries will compete in a combat sport league, to find out which nation rules them all.Stay tuned for more information

Posted by Kumite 3000 on Wednesday, 7 November 2018

After Yangon there are Kumite 3000 events booked for Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia. The shows will be broadcast by Fox Sports Asia in some capacity and the roster will consist of a mixture of established fighters and up and coming prospects.

Full Metal Dojo was launched in 2014 and has put on 15 events to date. This will be the promotion’s first foray into international territory with all the previous shows having taken place in Thailand.