We have seen the Iranian hulk posing on Instagram for his 1 million followers. We have still yet to see him fighting, or even training for a fight, but that looks set to change on July 31st.

Sajjad Gharibi, better known as The Iranian Hulk, has agreed to face a man known as The Kazakh Titan at the P7 Arena in Dubai:


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Sparring footage

While The Iranian Hulk certainly looks impressive on Instagram he did not make such a big impression when he turned up for a face off ahead of his fight with Martyn Ford. That bout was ultimately scrapped with the Englishman openly admitting he had concerns about his opponent’s mental health.

The Iranian Hulk gave a tearful television interview in which he openly talked about the stress he was under. Ultimately Ford decided he did not want to fight a man who was clearly not in a good place in terms of his state of mind.

The Iranian Hulk did give us a first glimpse into his training routine by sharing some sparring footage:


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Relatively unknown

Compared to the Iranian Hulk his opponent is relatively unknown. The Kazakh Titan, real name Djumanov Almat Bakhytovich, has just 25,ooo followers on Instagram but the two men have been talking about fighting one another for over a year.

He is certainly not as big a name as Ford. But he doesn’t appear to be quite as tall either and might not be such an intimidating proposition for the Iranian hulk ahead of his boxing debut:

He recently posted some footage of himself hitting a bag and it looks like he has done some formal training:

Celebrity fights

These type of celebrity fights are becoming increasingly popular with YouTubers Jake Paul and Logan Paul blazing a trail for online celebrities who want to box. In fairness to the brothers they have spent a lot of time training in order to reach a level where they can share a ring with the likes of Floyd Mayweather and Tyron Woodley and not completely embarrass themselves.

Later this year Manny Pacquiao is set to fight a Korean YouTuber called DK Yoo. The fight between the Iranian Hulk and the Kazakh Titan should make some money for everyone involved but is unlikely to be one for the boxing purists.