The Iranian Hulk has emerged as a major social media star. Sajad Ghari has amassed over a million followers on Instagram by sharing photos of his muscular physique like this one:


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But the reality of the Iranian’s life does not seem to match his carefully cultivated image. He recently flew to Dubai for a stare down with fellow body builder Martyn Ford who he is set to face in a celebrity boxing match in London.

Fans were surprised that ‘The Iranian Hulk’ does not look quite as impressive in person as he does on Instagram. A few even went as far as to suggest that the muscles might have been photoshopped on.

More worrying than the questions about his physical appearance was the revelation that Ghari is not in a good place mentally. His latest Instagram update does not sound at all upbeat:

“I came to Dubai without any sponsor by selling assets, without a coach and without any support. I wish for death. Oh God, you are the witness of how much I have suffered. I am ashamed of Iranian people.”

We hope ‘The Iranian Hulk’ is ready for his boxing match in April. But more importantly we hope he finds peace and happiness regardless of whether his muscles have been honed in the gym or on photoshop.

Sometimes being a social media star isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!