Jarred Brooks paid tribute to fellow strawweight Senzo Ikeda on Twitter just now and accidentally revealed the identity of his next opponent at the same time. ‘The Monkey God’ responded to a callout from the Japanese veteran, describing him as a fu**ing beast:

But that wasn’t the most interesting part of Brook’s tweet, although it is great to know the American is an Ikeda fan. He also seems to suggest that his next opponent is going to be Bokang Masunyane.

The South African is undefeated, holding an 8-0 record. He is currently ranked at #1 while Brooks is #2 so there would surely be a title shot on the line if the two men did face off.

Meanwhile Ikeda hasn’t cracked the top five yet. That should change this week when the rankings are updated in the aftermath of ONE: ‘X’.

Lito Adiwang looks certain to drop out of the top five after his loss to Jeremy Miado. Ikeda looks set to be the man to replace him but when it comes to the identity of the next challenger there appears to be a shortlist of two.

Maunyane and Brooks are the names on it and both men look to be on a collision course. For the time being at least Ikeda will probably have to wait in the wings.