The main event for Double G FC 2 has fallen victim to the injury bug. Kim Jae-Young has been pulled from his highly-anticipated fight against Lim Hyun-Gyu.

During the last week of training, Kim suffered a knee injury in a grappling session that needed medical attention. On top that, he had fractured his ribs ten days prior yet was determined to compete in what promised to be a pivotal matchup for his career.

However, with his body falling apart, Kim decided to follow doctor’s orders and not compete this weekend. It will take at least four weeks for the knee to heal and six weeks for his ribs to get back to normal.

The promotion scrambled for the last few days trying to find a replacement unfortunately they were unlucky in their search for a suitable opponent for Lim. The fight has been moved to Double G FC 3 which will likely go down in July or August later this year.

Yang Dongi and Cally Gibrann de Oliveira will be moved into the main event slot and Shizuka Sugiyama versus Jeon Chan-Mi will take the co-main event position.

Double G FC 2 will take place on March 30th in Seoul at the JangChung Arena.

Double G FC 2: ‘Fight To Prove’, Seoul, March 30th
Cally Gibrainn de Oliveira vs Yang Dongi (Heavyweight)
Shizuka Sugiyama vs Jeon Chan-Mi (Flyweight)
Jason Radcliffe vs Ahn Sang-Il (Light Heavyweight)
Jung Je-Il vs Hong Sung-Ho (Lightweight)
Lee Gyeong-Seop vs Lee Hun-Seok (Lightweight)
Imai Shunya vs Kevin Park (Featherweight)
Morita Kouki vs Lim Jung-Min (Bantamweight)
Tsubasa Akiyama vs Park Hyun-Sung (Flyweight)
Kim Byung-Seok vs Shin Yu-Seop (Flyweight)