Fabricio Andrade is currently the #4 ranked bantamweight but when it comes to trash talking he is definitely the division’s king. It hasn’t escaped the notice of Kwon Won Il, the Korean who will be facing him at ONE 158.

Kwon can potentially secure a title shot with a win at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on July 22nd. But he just wants to shut Andrade up,

“He really talks too much. I just want to land a punch on his mouth so that he can stop talking. I really hope he keeps more to himself and talks less.”

Tricky opponent

Andrade has been vocal about wanting a shot at the title and has called out both former champion Bibiano Fernandes and current champion John Lineker. He also called out Kwon and the Korean found it all a bit bizarre,

“He challenged and tagged me via Instagram, and I tried to leave a comment on his post, but he had disabled the commenting function. So, I’m kind of speechless and don’t really understand what he’s trying to do. I can’t really grasp his thinking process, he seems a little delusional to me.”

But while Kwon might not be a fan of his opponent’s trash talking antics he has a healthy respect for Andrade as a fighter,

“I have to admit he is a tricky opponent, for sure. He’s pretty good at Muay Thai, and an athlete who adopts his knees and kicks well. I admit, he’s a good striker, but I’m not really interested in his style or techniques because I strongly believe that I will be the winner of this match.”

Body shots

He has a happy habit of hurting or finishing opponents with body shots. Kwon is known for his striking and so is Andrade with the Korean believing this will make for a memorable fight,

“I think a lot of fans and critics are looking forward to this match because we are both strong strikers.”

There are 13 fights on the ONE 158 card. But Kwon is adamant that this will be the fight of the night,

“At the end of the day, I guess it’s going to be an exciting one since we’re both going to aim for a knockout. I think it will be a fun match, I do think this match will be the most exciting one out of the whole card.”

Performance bonus

Chatri Sityodtong has been handing out $50,000 USD win bonuses like confetti. Kwon wants one and thinks that if he can knock Andrade out it could turn out to be a very lucrative night,

“Nothing else matters,  By scoring a knockout, I think I can expect not just the usual bonus, but a triple bonus. That’s what I think.”