In 1811 two brothers were born in Thailand who were joined at the torso by a band of flesh and cartilage and by their fused livers. They would go on to tour the world and were known as ‘The Siamese Twins’.

Two centuries later their influence can still be felt with twins joined in utero commonly referred to as ‘siamese twins’. This month Full Metal Dojo will also be paying tribute with a fight that features two pairs of fighters joined at the hip courtesy of some bespoke tailoring.

In one corner will be UFC veterans Quentin Jackson and Bob Sapp. And as you can see these two MMA legends have been training vigorously to prepare for their contest at Fight Circus 6:


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Not so famous

Their opponents are not so famous but will be familiar faces to anyone who follows the Asian MMA scene closely. Full Metal Dojo promoter Jon Nutt will be joined at the hip with Bang Tao Muay Thai’s strength and conditioning coach Andrew Wood.

‘Woody’ used to be at Tiger Muay Thai and has worked with the likes of Alex Volkanovski and Loma Lookboonmee. Nutt is regularly seen being slapped by Bob Sapp, assaulted by angry dwarves and attacked by two men on Fight Circus cards.

He has taken more than his fair share of punishment but does have a handful of MMA fights and Muay Thai bouts under his belt. It is not clear whether ‘Woody’ has any previous experience of competitive fighting.

Impressive resumes

By contrast Sapp and ‘Rampage’ have very impressive resumes. Both fought for Pride during the glory days of Japanese MMA with the latter going on to become the UFC light heavyweight champion.

Sapp never quite scaled those heights but travelled all over the world, at one stage he was competing on fight cards every other week. He is now based in Phuket and welcomed ‘Rampage’ to Thailand.

Both men will be making their siamese kickboxing debut. But this has become a regular attraction on Fight Circus cards so they will have a fairly astute idea of what the bout is going to look like.