Jonathan Haggerty made a lot of fans by beating Nong-O Gaiyanghadao at ONE Fight Night 9 last month. But Liam Harrison doesn’t sound particularly enamoured with the newly crowned bantamweight champion.

He feels disrespected by his fellow Englishman and has vowed to teach Haggerty a lesson,

He’s just got no respect whatsoever, and I want to humble him. I’ll bring him back down to earth with a crash if he thinks I’m the easiest fight in that division because I guarantee he hasn’t fought anyone who can hit as hard as I do.


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Fighting talk

It is fighting talk from Harrison who is clearly unhappy that Haggerty described a matchup with him as being ‘the easiest fight in the division’. He is currently sidelined by a serious knee injury which he suffered at the hands of Nong-O.

It is unclear when Harrison will be able to return but the experienced Englishman is very unhappy about what he perceives to be the lack of respect shown by Haggerty,

He’s never really shown me any respect at all, and I think that was a pretty disrespectful comment that he said there, especially after what I’ve done. I’ve knocked out more top-level fighters than he’s even had fights.

For his part Harrison feels like he has always been respectful towards his fellow Englishman,

He beat Nong-O, blistering performance, congratulations to him for that and well done to him for what he’s achieved. I always try and show him props, show him respect and cheer him on but I don’t feel like I get the same thing back.

Opposite ends

Although both men are English they hail from opposite ends of the country. Harrison has spent his entire career living and training in Leeds, although he has spent time in Thailand, while Haggerty is from London.

Both have followed similar career paths, enjoying success on the regional scene before signing with ONE Championship. But Haggerty got the opportunity much earlier in his career than Harrison and is 12 years younger.

Chatri Sityodtong has already discussed having the two men fight in London. It isn’t clear when Harrison will be ready to return but this has the makings of an all English Muay Thai grudge match.