An eight man Neo Blood bantamweight tournament will get underway at Pancrase 321. The event is set for Shinkiba Studio Coast on May 30th and the quarter final matchups have been released.

Tournament favourite Toshiomi Kazama (3-1) has been matched with Ryosuke Takasugi (2-5), Haruki Kawakita (2-2) takes on Takuma Uchiyama (1-1), Ryo Yazawa (1-1) faces debutant Ryo Tajima and Junpei Ueno (2-3) goes up against Shunya Ogawa (2-2).

Also added to the card is a featherweight fight pitting Kisa Miyake (3-1) against Kotaro Tamefusa. The former is coming off back to back wins while the latter is making his pro debut.

As previously announced the card will be headlined by a featherweight title fight with Isao Kobayashi putting his belt on the line against Taichi Nakajima. The champion is riding a five fight winning streak while the challenger is coming off a win over UFC veteran Yoshinori Horie.

Meanwhile one of the most experienced fighters in the sport will be in welterweight action. UFC and ONE Championship veteran Yuki Kondo has been matched with Yoshinori Suzuki.

Two of the promotion’s top strawweights will go head to head when Ryo Hatta faces Yuta Miyazawa. A lightweight fight between Koshi Matsumoto and Akira Okada is also on the card.

Pancrase 321 will also feature both semi finals of a four man flyweight tournament. Masatatsu Ueda has been matched with Satoru Enomoto while Toru Ogawa takes on Taiki Akiba.

A featherweight fight between Issei Tamura and Hirotaka Nakada is on the Pancrase 321 card. Also at featherweight the undefeated Kouki Nakagawa makes his promotional debut against Daisuke Endo.

Pancrase 322 takes place on June 20th and will feature an openweight bout pitting Hikaru Sato against Kanto Fuchigami.

Pancrase 321, Tokyo, May 30th
Isao Kobayashi (c) vs. Taichi Nakajima (For featherweight title)
Masatatsu Ueda vs. Satoru Enomoto (Flyweight tournament 1/2 final)
Toru Ogawa vs. Taiki Akiba (Flyweight tournament 1/2 final)
Ryo Hatta vs. Yuta Miyazawa (Strawweight)
Koshi Matsumoto vs. Akira Okada (Lightweight)
Tokitaka Nakanishi vs. Ryo Asami (Featherweight)
Yuki Kondo vs. Yoshinori Suzuki (Welterweight)
Issei Tamura vs. Hirotaka Nakada (Featherweight)
Rui Imura vs. Masahide Hiraoka (Bantamweight)
Toshiya Takashima vs. Ryosuke Noda (Strawweight)
Joji Hirata vs. Keita Fukushima (Bantamweight)
Raika Emiko vs. Nori Date (Flyweight)
Kouki Nakagawa vs. Daisuke Endo (Featherweight)
Toshiomi Kazama vs. Ryosuke Takasugi (Bantamweight tournament)
Ryo Yazawa vs. Ryo Tajima (Bantamweight tournament)
Haruki Kawakita vs. Takuma Uchiyama (Bantamweight tournament)
Junpei Ueno vs. Shunya Ogawa (Bantamweight tournament)
Toshinori Tsunemura vs. Koji Kanda (Bantamweight)
Satoshi Date vs. Kohei Maeda (Flyweight)
Kengo Fujita vs. Hidemasa Soga (Flyweight)
Kisa Miyake vs. Kotaro Tamefusa (Featherweight)
Yutaka Hoshino vs. Hirokaze Makino (Featherweight)
Shin Iraha vs. Kazuki Morii (Lightweight)
Tomoki Otsuka vs. Ryoma Ishii (Strawweight)