Rolando Dy‘s career trajectory is the stuff that movies are made of. In the last few yeas he has been signed by the UFC, released by the UFC, won a title in the UAE and then lost that title.

He has also opened up his own gym, DyIncredible Fighting and Fitness Center, only to see Covid-19 crush the fitness industry in the Philippines. But the 30 year old has vowed to become a champion again:

Dy is the son of disgraced boxing legend Rolando Navarrete, who won the WBC super featherweight title but struggled with addiction and spent time in prison for a sexual assault. He also has a half brother who was murdered in 2019 in what police believe was a drug related killing.

But Dy has stayed on the straight and narrow and was one of the first Filipino fighters to sign with the UFC. The 30 year old is determined to become a champion again. an he fulfill his dream?