There is at least one person who thinks Seo Hee Ham deserved to best Denice Zamboanga by decision at ONE: ‘Empower’. The Korean fighter thinks she clearly won and doesn’t see what the fuss is all about.

She told Sogo Kaku that she doesn’t understand how people could even think the fight was close, let alone believe Zamboanga had actually won,

“To me it was a sure win, When people were saying it was close, I didn’t know how to respond, because understanding their criteria, I think I clearly won.”

Denice Zamboanga takes down Seo Hee Ham

Setting the tone

She does acknowledge that under normal scoring criteria she would definitely have lost,

“If it was under unified criteria, I can see that I lost. But I knew what ONE’s criteria is, so my strategy was based on that.”

Ham believes she was the one who ‘set the tone’ from start to finish,

“All I can say about the fight, is that I was the one leading. I led for the entire 15 minutes. I set the tone. That is how the fight flowed. It looks like she doesn’t agree with that, but to my recollection, I was the one setting the tone.”

Seo Hee Ham pre fight

Give me anyone

Next up for the Korean is a semi final bout with Stamp Fairtex but she doesn’t care who she faces,

“I don’t really care about the opponent. I think I will end up fighting all of the girls in the tournament when the time comes, so whether it’s next month or in the future, it doesn’t matter, just give me anyone.”

The list of people who thought Zamboanga won is long and includes Dan Hardy, Angela Lee and, judging by the comments on Facebook, absolutely everyone in the Philippines. But Ham definitely doesn’t see things that way, she is adamant that the judges got it absolutely right.