There was a lot of controversy over the decision win for Ok Rae Yoon at ONE: ‘Revolution’ last night. A lot of people felt that Christian Lee should have won and, believe it or not, his sister was one of them.

Angela Lee took to Facebook to vent her frustration:

Lee was forced to backtrack a little having recently told Denice Zamboanga to ‘Never leave the fight in the hands of the judges’. She went on to explain with she thought this fight was completely different from the Filipina’s controversial loss to Seo Hee Ham.

Lee explained that,

“An interviewer asked me my opinion on who won that fight and I had no problem saying I thought Denice won, even though it was pretty close. The fight last night between Christian and Ok Rae Yoon was completely different. By going down the list of ONE’s judging criteria, it is CLEAR that Christian did more to win the fight then Ok Rae Yoon.”

Lee has had had some good fortune with the judges herself in the past, earning the nod over Mei Yamaguchi in a rematch many thought she should have lost. But when it comes to finishing fights her and her brother generally put their money where their mouth is, they don’t generally go the distance.

The same applies for younger sister Victoria Lee who scored her third straight finish last night. So while the family has one less ONE Championship title today it probably won’t be long until one of them wins another.