Supergirl Jaroonsakgym can’t have taken too many shots to the face during last month’s narrow win over Ekaterina Vandaryeva! The Thai teen shared her latest photo shoot on Instagram and you would never guess from the images that she was a pro fighter.

Supergirl looks more like a model than a Muay Thai fighter in these sunning photos:

Supergirl and her sister Wondergirl are both Muay Thai stars. But she didn’t have things all her own way against Vandaryeva, the decision was so controversial that an immediate rematch was ordered.

There is no date or venue set for that fight. Bur Supergirl will be looking to put on a much better showing than she did in the first meeting between the pair at ONE: ‘Heavy Hitters’.

You can’t criticize the teenager, who could also compete in an MMA fight, for her showing in these photos though. There is no denying that Supergirl looks good.