Stamp Fairtex sounds furious! The usually mild mannered Thai atomweight feels that upcoming opponent Anissa Meksen has been ‘disrespectful’ and plans to punish her when they meet in a mixed rules fight at ONE on Prime Video 6 this Saturday.

The fight is mixed rules with rounds alternating between MMA and Muay Thai. Stamp has extensive experience in both whereas Meksen has never competed in the former.

The French fighter has had a lot to say about Stamp and in particular her love of dancing before and sometimes even during fights. These comments clearly haven’t gone down well in Pattaya,

“I admit that she is really talented. But I don’t like the way she disrespects me. No matter how good you are, you shouldn’t look down on your opponent,” Stamp said.

Knockout or submission

The first round will be fought under Muay Thai rules. It is a sport in which Stamp does have more experience in than Meksen although the French fighter has spent plenty of time training in Thailand.

Stamp previously held the ONE Championship atomweight kickboxing and Muay Thai titles. She feels that Meksen is overlooking her experience when it comes to striking contests,

“Her words seems to ‘ruin’ my reputation as Muay Thai champion. I can’t tell you which round, but I will definitely finish her by way of knockout or submission.”

More experience

While Stamp is confident she will hold her own in the opening round the Thai does not believe Meksen will be able to match her in the second stanza. They are fighting under MMA rules and the 25 year old feels her opponent simply hasn’t had enough time to get up to speed in what will be a brand new sport,

”I believe I have practiced more than her and have more experience on the ground because I have only been focusing on MMA during the past two years. I definitely had more time to concentrate on MMA, (She) just started training in MMA after hearing the news about the super-fight.”

“I don’t think she is good enough. And even though she had trained in MMA before, it was a long time ago. The fact that she doesn’t train it regularly means she will forget everything when it comes to a real fight.”

Trash talk

If Stamp can put Meksen on her back in one of the MMA rounds then she plans to shut the French fighter up once and for all,

“I’ve prepared to feed her with my elbows so that she can’t trash talk. It is okay to provoke your opponent with trash talk but I think she crossed the line this time.”

After her most recent win Meksen was asked about Stamp and said that, ‘she’s a dancer. I’m a fighter’. These comments clearly reached the Thai who plans to finish the French fighter and then dance in front of her,

“She said I’m a dancer. So, my plan is that after I submit or knock her out, I’m going to dance right in front of her to show that she was just defeated by a dancer.”