AKA Thailand is emerging as the Muay Thai destination of choice for rappers and DJs. Steve Aoki was at the gym in Phuket this week being put through his paces by one of the trainers.

Eariler year British rapper Central Cee was at AKA Thailand. The American DJ is the latest visitor and he made the journey down to Rawai ahead of his upcoming show in Patong.

UFC veteran Mike Swick seems to have a lot of celebrity friends. Dan Bilzerian has spent time training at his camp which is located on the southern tip of Phuket.


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First time

Last year Swick was diagnosed with cancer. He was diagnosed with stage four lymphoblastic lymphoma but after undergoing treatment the UFC veteran announced in March that he had beaten the disease.

Aoki is performing in Phuket tonight. The 46 year old is one of the highest-grossing electronic dance music artist and his father was a wrestling champion who won national titles in the US three times.

Despite having a wrestler in the family it doesn’t sound like Aoki has spent much time training himself. According to AKA Thailand this was the first time the DJ had ever tried Muay Thai:


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Meeting of minds

Aoki was born in the US but both his parents are Japanese. On a trip to Tokyo last year he met with Rizin CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara and he two men were photographed together.

Sakakibara stated that he wanted to work with Aoki on a Rizin event. The veteran MMA promoter seemed to think that the legendary DJ could help him with his production.

It isn’t clear whether anything came from this meeting of minds but Aoki clearly knows all about the importance of MMA in Japan. He has been learning Muay Thai too and, considering this is his first time training, we think the 46 year old looks pretty sharp.