British rapper Central Cee is training in Phuket. Mike Swick shared some photos of the 24 year old and it looks like he has been working on his Muay Thai at AKA Thailand.

He is not the only star from the world of hip hop and rap to have embraced Muay Thai. Wiz Khalifa also trains regularly and got in some sessions with Superlek Kiatmoo9 during the Thai fighter’s recent tour of US gyms.

But Londoner Central Cee has never previously posted any photos of himself training in Muay Thai, or any other martial art. He is probably too busy touring and producing music:


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Wildly popular

His most popular YouTube video has 84 million views. Last year Central Cee embarked upon a world tour that took him all around Europe and across the US and Australia. He appears to have flown out of Phuket last week and it isn’t clear how long the rapper was there for.

Two days ago Central Cee shared a series of photos of himself in Tokyo. But he seem to have had a busy time in Phuket, both training and attending his teammates fights at Bangla Stadium.

Central Cee shared photos of himself at AKA Thailand, recovering in an ice bath after an intense training session, riding a scooter and buying some fake designer gear at the market.


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Interesting choice

Interestingly the rapper also chose to share a photo of the Ernest Hemingway novel The Old Man and the Sea, suggesting he has an intellectual side. he isn’t the first celebrity to spend time training at AKA Thailand.

With just 6.3mn followers on Instagram he is not quite as famous as Dan Bilzerian who trained at AKA Thailand a year ago. The self styled playboy has 33.4mn Instagram followers and is friends with Mike Swick.

Swick is a UFC veteran who originally came to Phuket to train at Tiger Muay Thai. He went on to launch AKA Thailand in the island’s south and the camp has been extremely successful, with celebrities from all over the world training there.