Multimillionaire playboy and social media influencer Dan Bilzerian is back in Phuket! He has been helping his friend Mike Swick to work out as the UFC veteran continues to battle cancer.

Swick shared a video on Instagram of Bilzerian spotting weights for him at AKA Thailand:


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Swick doesn’t appear to be letting the cancer or chemotherapy interfere with his workout routine. He has put on over 20lbs and it looks like most of it is muscle!

Swick announced earlier this month that he had been diagnosed with cancer. But he sounds extremely upbeat in his latest update and says he has zero symptoms and is winning the battle.

Swick hasn’t been posting as many of these videos as normal in the last year, we found out why when he announced the cancer diagnosis. But the UFC veteran and AKA Thailand owner is determined to live life to the full and isn’t going to let a bit of  lymphoma slow him down!