Superbon Banchamek is a native of Phattalung. He started out at his father’s gym, Lukjaomaisaiwaree, in his home town where he trained alongside his older brother, Superboy, who also had a successful Muay Thai career.

Superbon faced some of the biggest names in the sport such as Saenchai PKSaenchaigym, Singdam Kiatmoo9, Aikpracha Meenayothin and Kaew Fairtex. He won the Thailand Lightweight title during his stadium career and also successfully represented Thailand as an amateur, winning gold at the IFMA world championships in 2016 and 2017.

He subsequently had a successful kickboxing career, winning the Kunlun Fight World Max tournament in 2016 and an Enfusion eight man tournament in 2018 among several other titles. Superbon’s last fight was back in November when he beat Wilson Varela on points in Marseille.

Superbon is awaiting his ONE Championship debut and says missing out on fights due to the coronavirus, or Covid-19, has been a frustrating experience,

“I am really happy to have signed for ONE they are the biggest promotion now in the world and I can’t wait to get to fight on their shows. It has been really frustrating to not be able to fight. I was training already to compete in the army amateur Muay Thai tournament, but that was cancelled in March.”

Superbon kicks Singdam

Former foes

However he says he has been staying in shape to make sure that once the call comes to fight again he is ready,

“I have kept training, doing lots of road work and strength and weight training and shadow boxing, making sure I will be ready as soon as possible once shows start up again. Now I am down in my home town in Phattalung helping to rebuild my father’s gym which I like to do but I can’t wait to fight again.”

Superbon has several former foes on the ONE Championship roster. He would welcome the opportunity to fight Davit Kiria again,

“I really don’t mind who I fight, whoever they put in front of me! Kiria I beat before on points and don’t think he will be a problem to beat again.”

Superbon is also open to a rubber match with compatriot Sittichai Sitsongpeenong,

“Sittichai stopped me the first time we fought but I didn’t feel ready then under the kickboxing ruleset. I had only had two or three fights kickboxing then whereas he had a lot more experience already. I beat him on points the second time and am confident I would beat him again, as although he is a very strong opponent, I think I have the edge over him in speed.”

Superbon kicks Singdam 2

Switching codes

Yodsanklai Fairtex is another big Thai name on the roster and Superbon would be open to fighting the veteran southpaw,

“I would fight Yodsanklai no problem. I think I would have the edge now as I don’t think he is quite the same fighter anymore and am confident I would beat him.”

Superbon could also return to to his roots by competing in Muay Thai and he is open to this possibility but sees himself as primarily a kickboxer,

“I am happy to fight both Muay Thai and kickboxing but if you ask me which one I would prefer I would say kickboxing now as I have been concentrating on it so much it is more comfortable for me. Also I think it is easier to fight, as there are less things to worry about, there are no elbows and I just have to worry about punches.”

Superbon vs Sittichai

Long career

He’s faced some of the best kickboxers on the planet but says the toughest opponents he faced were competing in Muay Thai,

“My hardest opponent to fight would have to be Saenchai, I lost on points to him, he was just so clever and technical. My most painful opponent would be Singdam Kiatmoo9, I fought him three times winning twice and losing once on points. He kicks so hard I would have trouble holding up my arms after fighting him.”

At 29 years of age Superbon could be coming towards the end of his career but he still feels he has a long way to go.

“I think I can still fight for a long time yet, I look after myself and make sure I’m always in good shape and I love to fight too and still really enjoy the sport. I think I can probably still fight up until I am 39 or 40.”

ONE Championship’s featherweight kickboxing division is talent rich and Superbon’s ambition is to establish himself as the undisputed top dog,

“A lot of people are interested in winning titles, they are not so important for me though as there are so many titles out there and just because you are a champion doesn’t always mean you are the best. My main goal is to be the best fighter in the world at 70kgs, I want to be recognized by everyone as the number one fighter at my weight.”

Superbon winner 2

Big ambition

To be the best you have to beat the best and the one fighter Superbon really wants to face is the newly crowned ONE featherweight kickboxing Grand Prix winner,

Giorgio Petrosyan is the number one kickboxer at my weight now and I feel I am ready to fight him. To have a warm up fight or two first would be good, but as long as I can get enough time to do a full training camp I would fight him straight away.”

Petchmorrakot Petchyindeeacademy did beat Petrosyan by split decision although it was subsequently ruled a no contest and he lost the rematch. Superbon is confident he could go one better than his compatriot,

“He (Petrosyan) is very good, but I have been watching him for a long time now and I’m not trying to disrespect him, but I don’t think he is as good as people think he is. I think Petchmorrakot could have beaten him, but he was very new to kickboxing and maybe lacked a little in terms of defence and when to counter. I think if and when we get to fight I can beat him for sure.”