The Iranian Hulk has not been seen on social media since participating in a disastrous boxing match last year. He made his name as being a muscle bound body builder but looked small and scared when the time came to actually fight for the first time.

Sajad Gharibi’s physique looked much less impressive in real life than it had done on his Instagram page. He attracted over 1 million Instagram followers by sharing photos of himself posing and pumping iron.

One thing which quickly became clear during a disastrous boxing debut was that the Iranian Hulk had not idea whatsoever how to actually fight. As soon as his opponent, a fellow social media star called the Kazakh Titan, landed a punch he wanted to quit and was given a break.

It was a humiliating episode and the Iranian Hulk appears to have been offline since that fight in July. But yesterday he posted for the first time this year, declaring that,

Last summer I was like a tree that was cut down by the axe of the most trusted person in my life. An axe of betrayal and deception. But I had roots.


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Big payday

It isn’t clear who, or what the Iranian Hulk was referring to. But he appears to have found himself a new trainer who has a physique that is even more impressive than his.

He also shares an inspirational message telling his followers to,

Never give up.

Of course there is no real benefit to being an online influences unless you find a way to monetize the position. English body builder  Martyn Ford claimed he was offered $1 million USD to fight the Iranian Hulk.

That matchup might have fallen through but the Iranian Hulk should have been in for a big pay day after fighting the Kazakh Titan.


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Mental health

There were concerned about the Iranian Hulk’s mental health when he gave a tearful interview in which he said that his own mother had disowned him. The more that fans saw of him in real life the less impressed they were.

A lot of fans accused him of photoshopping the pictures that made him look like a musclebound heavyweight. In real life he looks significantly shorter and much less muscular.

It is noticeable that The Iranian Hulk decided to signal his return with a video that shows exactly what he really looks like, rather than a posed photo. Perhaps this signals a change of direction.

Under the circumstances his decision to take an extended break from social media might well have been the right one. We just hope that the Iranian Hulk is happy!