The Iranian Hulk made his boxing debut last night and it didn’t go well. Bizarrely he refused to remove his shirt for the fight with Instagram rival The Kazakh Titan.

For a man who made his reputation by posting topless pictures showing off his impressive physique The Iranian Hulk seems surprisingly reluctant to display those muscles in public. He insisted on wearing a vest for this fight which ended in the opening round.

It very quickly became clear that The Iranian Hulk has no idea how to box and didn’t really want to be in the ring:

Running away

The Iranian Hulk weighed in at 309lbs for this contest with the Kazakh Titan coming in at 205lbs. The latter came out in a southpaw stance and immediately fired off a couple of straight punches.

The Iranian Hulk responded with a haymaker which missed the target by miles. The Kazakh Titan then landed the first meaningful punch of the fight, a body shot which immediately caused his opponent to turn his back and run away.

A follow up right glanced off the head of the Iranian Hulk who clearly wanted to quit and was given an extended break while he drank some water. The fight continued and the Kazakh Titan found himself on his back but it was only caused by a stumble and he jumped back up again.


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Shambolic showing

Once they were back on their feet the Kazakh Titan started to tee off on the Iranian Hulk who responded with a couple of wild haymakers. He turned his back again and was hit with a gentle right hook to the head.

It was enough to knock the Iranian Hulk down and this time the referee did call off the contest, saving him from further humiliation. It was an embarrassing showing from a man who doesn’t appear to be much of a bodybuilder, let alone a boxer.

The Iranian Hulk still has nearly 1 million Instagram followers and presumably earned a decent amount of money for this fight. But the cash came at the expense of his carefully cultivated online image and he will struggle to rehabilitate his reputation after this shambolic showing.