The Korean Zombie might have a big fight coming up but he isn’t rolling back on his commercial commitments. Chan Sun Jung has launched his own energy drink and his own burger!

He has been sharing some of the new products on Instagram:

The Korean Zombie appears to finally be capitalizing on his hard won fame. He has been on the UFC roster since 2011 and will be challenging for the featherweight title for the second time this month.

Having picked up seven ‘fight of the night’ and ‘performance of the night’ bonuses during his WEC and UFC career the 35 year old probably isn’t struggling financially. But every little helps and he appears to be cashing in during the build up to his second title shot.

The Korean Zombie faced Jose Aldo at UFC 163 in 2011. He came up short on that occasion, getting stopped in the fourth round by the Brazilian who was one of the best fighters in the world at the time.

But the 35 year old is still going strong a decade later. Jung will be the underdog against featherweight champion Alex Volkanovski at UFC 273 but is hoping to upset the odds with a surprise win in Jacksonville.

He has totally changed his training routine and is currently based at Fight Ready in Arizona. The changes appear to have paid dividends with The Korean Zombie winning three of his last four fights.

He was only handed the title shot when Max Holloway withdrew due to an injury. But the Korean Zombie will be looking to make the most of it and hopefully sell some merchandize in the process!