Tiger Muay Thai is set to open a new gym in Bali. The camp was the first to offer MMA training in Phuket and looks set to expand into Indonesia.

Tiger Muay Thai will be entering a market that has become increasingly crowded in recent years. A group from Bali MMA recently broke away to open Soma MMA on the island.

The scene in Indonesia has been growing in recent years. One Pride MMA puts on televized events virtually every week meaning that there are more opportunities than ever for fighters to compete.

The parallels between Bali and Phuket are obvious. Both are tourist resorts which offer tropical weather and beaches, attracting millions of visitors every year.

So it is no surprise that Tiger Muay Thai has decided to base its new facility in Bali:

Unbridled determination

There is also a camp operating under the Tiger Muay Thai name in Chiang Mai although it was opened under previous ownership and it isn’t clear what the connection to the main gym in Phuket is. There are certainly high hopes for the new facility with the caption declaring that,

Tiger Muay Thai Bali is not just a gym; it is a sanctuary where dreams are incubated, nurtured, and set free. It is where aspirations are kindled and transformed into reality. It is a place where self-doubt residues (sic), replaced by unshakable confidence and unbridled determination.

Presumably it will also be a place that offers tuition in Muay Thai, MMA, BJJ and wrestling like the current Tiger Muay Thai facility in Phuket does. That has been an extremely successful business which has inspired numerous competitors to set up shop.


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Crowded market

The days when Tiger Muay Thai was the only place offering MMA training in Thailand are long gone. Phuket Top Team opened up on the same road and the island is also home to AKA Thailand and Bang Tao Muay Thai among others.

It will be interesting to see whether Bali emerges as a serious competitor in the martial arts tourism market. One major advantage that Phuket has is the Muay Thai scene, with several stadiums across the island and fights taking place nearly every night of the week for the benefit of both tourists and locals.

Bali doesn’t have this type of infrastructure in place. But it is emerging as a popular destination for fighters and the presence of a new Tiger Muay Thai will only help to lure more martial artists to Indonesia.