Rolando Dy recently announced he had been released by the UFC. The Filipino featherweight didn’t have to wait too long to be offered a fight as he will be facing Izzedine Al Derbani at Abu Dhabi Warriors FC on January 25th.

Dy won’t be the only one making a comeback that day. Abu Dhabi Warriors FC hasn’t put on a card since 2016, the official website is offline and the promotion’s social media channels haven’t been updated in well over a year.

However Dy’s uncle and manager, James Dy, told Real Fight the 27 year old would be fighting in Abu Dhabi next month and that, “Dy Incredible will be ready for the challenge.”

Dy (9-7-0-1) went 1-3 during his stint with the UFC and has stated he hopes to fight for the promotion again. He can move a step closer to achieving that goal with a win over Al Derbani (8-1) who hails from Jordan and has fought with various Middle Eastern promotions including Phoenix FC and Desert Force.

In 2017 Dy fought for Bahrain based promotion Brave, although the fight was in Mumbai. That bout finished in an anticlimactic no contest after he accidentally clashed heads with Indian featherweight Nelson Paes and his next four fights would take place inside the Octagon.

Dy was signed by the UFC, released and re-signed only to be told that the promotion no longer required his services. He is the son of former boxing world champion Rolando Navarrete who held the WBC 126lbs title in the early 1980s.