The clash between Sangmanee Sor Cafemuaythai and Captain Petchyindeeacademy drew a big crowd into Rangsit Stadium and has been the talk of the Muay Thai community since it was announced.

Both came into the fight on the back of strong wins. Sangmanee turned around a small slump, with a points victory over Rungkit Bor Rungrot, and Captain scoring a stunning six second KO win over Petchtanong Banchamek, followed by a win over another ONE Championship athlete, Chamuaktong Fightermuaythai.

Heavy Punches

The fight had the True4U 140lb title up for grabs. A few days before the match Captain stated that he would pressure Sangmanee from the start and attack with hard punches and low kicks. He kept to his word and looked to back up his opponent from the opening bell, trying to find a home for some heavy punches.

Sangmanee did a good job of soaking up the attacks. Captain kept up the pressure in the second round as Sangmanee started to fire in his trademark left kicks, but Captain did a decent job of blocking many of the kicks.

The third round was just 30 seconds old when Captain backed Sangmanee into a corner and landed a hard overhand right that shook Sangmanee.

Downward elbow

Captain seized the moment and followed in with a hard downward elbow that dropped Sangmanee for an eight count. Sangmanee still looked shaken and Captain rushed in looking to finish the job, but Sangmanee managed to absorb the attacks.

Captain kept up his attacks briefly, before his corner told him to ease off, knowing he was firmly in control. Sangmanee came forward chasing the fight in the last two rounds, but Captain looked just as strong in defence as he did in attack and took a clear decision win at the end.

Best of the rest

The co-main event saw Peunkon Tor Surat face Sao-Thor Sitchefboontham. Both fighters have similar, sharp technical styles and the bout was a classic southpaw in Puenkon vs orthodox clash.

The opening round started slowly. In round two both started to try and outwit each other with explosive counters. Puenkon started the third round ahead, which forced Sao-Thor to push forward. Sao-Thor kept coming at Puenkon, but Puenkon looked dangerous with his elbows, catching Sao-Thor several times.

Seconds before the end of the round Purnkon struck again with a hard left elbow, this time dropping Sao-Thor for an eight count. Sao-Thor pushed forward throughout the last two rounds looking to turn the fight around and managed to catch Puenkon with a few hard punches, but it wasn’t enough and Purnkon took the decision win at the final bell.

Muaymunwansuk Promotions, December 11th, Bangkok
Chalemdam Wor Arucha def. Ratonanoi Sitkrupian via KO in round 4
Petchthailand Mor Rajaphatsurin def. Yodthong Sorjortongprajin by decision
Puenkon Tor Surat def. Sao-Thor Sitchefboontham by decision
Captain Petchyindee def. Sangmanee Sor Cafemuaythai by decision
Farwanmai Senaylaktour def. Nawee O-Electric by decision
Kongmethee Winubon def. Denmanee Ratprachanukro42 by decision
Chamuaktong Fightermuaythai def. Kaewkangwan Priewwayo by decision
Thongnoi Lukbanyai def. Detchaiya Petchyindee by decision
Khaosuay Himalaigym def. Vivi Muaydet789 by decision