Saturday saw the conclusion of the Road to ONE tournaments held at Lumpinee stadium by Fairtex Promotions. The event featured the finals of three tournaments with a ONE Championship contract on the line for the winner.

The first final was in the atomweight division where Celest Hansen faced Lomanee Thelegendarena. The Thai fought mainly off the back foot, looking to control the ring and pick off the Australian with sharp counters.

Hansen kept the pressure on Lomanee from the opening bell, hunting her down and looking to land with hard punches and low kicks. The Thai looked in control in the first half of the fight, but her opponent slowly wore her down and came on strong in the last two rounds to take the decision.

Celeste Hansen punches Lomanee Thelegendarena


Flyweight final

The second final was in the flyweight division and saw Detduanglek Sor Sommai face Sonar Sit Porjorwor from Myanmar. The Thai pushed forward from the start looking to catch his opponent with some solid punches.

Detduanglek sat back more, but looked to catch Sonrak with some solid counter kicks. In round two the Thai looked sharp as he off balanced his opponent with some well timed push kicks.

Sonrak kept pushing forward, but was just falling short of the target with his punches. The third round saw some frantic, exciting exchanges of shots.

Sonrak was aggressive again with his hands, but Detduanglek was sound defensively. In the second half of the round both traded kicks, but the Thai was slightly the sharper of the two.

The pace slowed down a little in the fourth. Detduanglek scored well with kicks and knees while Sonrak looked determined but was unable to land clean with too much.

The final round started more in the clinch, with Detduanglek landing with some solid knees. The Thai sat back more now and looked to pick off his opponent with solid kicks cruising to a unanimous decision win.

Detduanglek Sor Sommai kicks Sonrak Sit Sorworpor


Late replacement

The last tournament final was in the featherweight division and saw Yodphupaa Wimanair face Yokthai Khunsukmuaythai. The latter was a last minute replacement for Avatar Tor Mohsri who withdraw from the tournament due to issues with his gym.

Avatar beat Wanchalerm Pakyok PK in the semi final and was one of the favourites. He has KO power in his hands and a fan friendly walk forward style but Khunsuk on the other hand spent most of the fight on the back foot.

The fight moved into round four and Yodphupaa kept pushing forward trying to get Yokthai to engage. In the final minute of the round he succeeded with several hard low kicks hitting the target before a final hard kick finished the fight.

Road to ONE Thailand, Bangkok, October 29th
Thai Sorjorpiakuthai def. Angelos Giakoumis via Decision
Celest Hansen def. Lomanee Thelegendarena via Decision (Wins atomweight tournament)
Detduanglek Sor Sommai def. Sonrak Sit Sorworpor via Decision (Wins flyweight tournament)
Yodphupaa Wimanair def. Yokthai Khunsukmuaythai via TKO in round 4 (Wins featherweight tournament)
Petseenin Sor Puanthong def. Pancake Kiatthongyot via Decision
Alexandru Bublea def. Gannorasing DNAThailand via Decision
Nguyen Quang Huy def. Inseenoi Sor Samran via Decision