The Covid-19 pandemic has robbed us of the chance to regularly see ring girls. Promotions that are putting on behind closed doors events have dispensed with them altogether.

But these six lovely ladies were in action at Deep-Jewels 34 last Saturday. You would think an all female promotion might employ ring boys instead, but that’s clearly not the case.

Fans attending the event at Shinjuku Face would have been left in no doubt as to which round was coming up thanks to the efforts of these six Japanese beauties.

In a sign that things might be returning to normal in Japan, or at least something more closely resembling normal, there was a live audience in attendance at Deep-Jewels 34.

They were there to witness Mizuki Furuse’s stoppage win over Mizuki Oshiro in the main event. It was a big weekend for women’s MMA with the all female ONE: ‘Empower’ card taking place in Singapore on Friday night.

Unfortunately there was no live audience in attendance at the Singapore Indoor Stadium and no ring girls. But at least we have these Deep-Jewels lovelies to help get us through the week.