Rizin 29 is set for the Maruzen Intech Arena on May 30th. The event in Osaka will feature a bantamweight kickboxing tournament with the semi finals and final to take place on the same day.

The lineup was revealed today and the draw was made for the semi finals. Taiju Shiratori, Ryo Takahashi, Genji Umeno and local favourite Kouzi are the four fighters involved.

Umeno won the draw and was earned the right to pick his own opponent. He decided to face Kouzi meaning that Shiratori and Takahashi will face off in the second semi final.

Umeno explained his choice as follows,

“I picked Kouzi because I respect him. He talks a lot but has lots of influence and he delivers what he says. I will be honored to be face such a man. I want meet Shiratori in the finals and meet my revenge.”

Kouzi was slightly less circumspect but does have plenty of respect for the former Rajadamnern 135lbs champion,

“I respect Umeno. He’s accomplished a lot but way past his prime. He’s a dancing Muay Thai guy and I plant to hunt him down. I don’t like to fight southpaws but I haven’t won a single fight in Rizin yet so I’m not in the position to choose.”

As previously announced the bantamweight Grand Prix gets underway in Osaka. Kenta Takizawa faces Masakazu Imanari, Kazuma Kuramoto takes on Alan Yamaniha, Hiroki Yamashita goes up against Takafumi Otsuka and Kuya Ito meets Yuto Hokamura.

There will also be a lightweight bout between Yusuke Yachi and Yuki Kawana. The former has lost five out of his last six while the latter dropped a split decision to Koji Takeda at Rizin 24.

Rizin 29, Osaka, May 30th
Hiroki Yamashita vs. Takafumi Otsuka (Bantamweight Grand Prix Opening Round)
Kuya Ito vs. Yuto Hokamura (Bantamweight Grand Prix Opening Round)
Kenta Takizawa vs. Masakazu Imanari (Bantamweight Grand Prix Opening Round)
Kazuma Kuramoto vs. Alan Yamaniha (Bantamweight Grand Prix Opening Round)
Rikuto Shirakawa vs. Jin Aoi (Featherweight)
Yusuke Yachi vs. Yuki Kawana (Lightweight)
Kickboxing: Taiju Shiratori vs. Ryo Takahashi (Bantamweight kickboxing tournament 1/2 final)
Kickboxing: Genji Umeno vs. Kouzi (Bantamweight kickboxing tournament 1/2 final)
Kickboxing: Seiki Ueyama vs. Jyosei Izumi (Flyweight)
Kickboxing: Yuma Yamahata vs. Kiyoto Takahashi (Catchweight)