Pancrase 318 will take place behind closed doors. There will be no live audience at the event which is set for Studio Coast on September 27th.

It is the latest measure introduced by the promotion to prevent a repeat of the situation last month. Pancrase 317 was cancelled at the last minute due to a positive Covid-19 test.

Several of the fight from Pancrase 317 have been rescheduled for September 27th. Among them is the title eliminator between Yoshinori Horie and Taichi Nakajima.

As previously announced Genpei Hayashi faces Tatsuya Saika in an interim lightweight title bout at Pancrase 318. The winner is likely to face Takasuke Kume for the vacant title further down the line.

After the Pancrase 317 cancellation the promotion has made changes to the fight week schedule. The fighters will now weigh in on the same day as the show and will all be allowed to move up a division.

That means Hayashi and Saika will both be expected to tip the scales at 170lbs or less on fight day. If they cannot make weight at the first attempt they will be allowed up to an hour.

Pancrase 318, Tokyo, September 27th
Genpei Hayashi vs. Tatsuya Saika (For Interim lightweight title)
Yoshinori Horie vs. Taichi Nakajima (Featherweight)
Masayuki Kikuiri vs. Kenta Takagi (Welterweight)
Teppei Maeyama vs. Tatsuki Ozaki (Strawweight)
Kazuki Kasai vs. Doteki Ogawa (Lightweight)
Shinmare Komori vs. Yusaku Hayashi (Featherweight)
Takafumi Ato vs. Atsuhito Nagai (Strawweight)
Yura Naito vs. Yusei Muramoto (Middleweight)
Makoto Kawawa vs. Taiga Iwasaki (Middleweight)
Toshiomi Kazama vs. Atsushi Ueda (Featherweight)
Nobuhisa Kudo vs. Osamu Miyakawa (Bantamweight)
Haruki Kawakita vs Soba Hashigami (Flyweight)
Yuji Arai vs. Yudai Hirono (Middleweight)
Hirotaka Nakada vs. Yu Karino (Lightweight)
Tatsuhiko Iwamoto vs. Tatsuya Saito (Featherweight)
Mutsuki Miyajima vs. Shuhei Noyama (Bantamweight)
Dokuichiro Baisen vs. Aito Tanimura (Flyweight)
Taiga Tanimura vs. Daiki Yonekura (Strawweight)