Ritu Phogat is getting married! The Indian atomweight confirmed the news on Instagram with a photo of her holding the hand of her husband to be.

Her broth, Dushyant Phogat, shared photos of his sister with her fiancee whose name appears to be Sachin:

Size difference

Ritu was last seen losing to Tiffany Teo at ONE 161. It was a disappointing defeat for the Indian but there were extenuating circumstances with her opponent weighing over 130lbs for their atomweight fight.

Teo had clearly found a way to game ONE Championship’s hydration system. But she was caught out when they weighed her on fight night and discovered she was 131.5lbs.

By contrast Phogat weighed 116lbs on fight night, well within the limit. Teo somehow found a way to pass rehydration tests and then put on 15lbs before stepping into the ring.

But this week the Indian seems to only have romance on her mind:

Mystery man

Apart from a first name we don’t know much about the man Ritu Phogat is set to marry. This appears to be the first time they have been pictured together in public.

Ritu is a superstar in India. The story of how she and her sisters went on to enjoy international success as wrestlers was immortalized by the Bollywood movie Dangal which grossed $330 million USD worldwide, an Indian box office record at the time.

With 426,ooo Instagram followers she has an army of fans who have closely followed her MMA career. Phogat reached the final of the atomweight Grand Prix but was submitted by Stamp Fairtex, losing for just the second time.

Last weekend Teo made it back to back submission losses for the 28 year old although there are questions as to whether the Singaporean should have been allowed to compete at atomweight in the first place. But Phogat won’t be too worried about her MMA record at the moment.

The photos were taken at the Roka Ceremony which is a traditional event that takes place ahead of the actual wedding. Phogat’s entire family appears to be in attendance as well as her fiancee’s family.

Not the end

But any fans concerned that Ritu might be about to retire need not worry. After the loss to Teo she made it clear that she is still determined to pursue her MMA dreams.

In an emotional message the Indian told her Instagram followers that,

“Winning and losing both will happen not just in sport but in life too. My faith and hard work will surely take me where I want to be. (I) will surely learn from this and come back stronger because quitting is never acceptable, what matters is (to) keep trying and giving 100%. It’s not the end.”