A huge crowd turned up at the Central Phuket Floresta for the first big Muay Thai roadshow of the year, with a mouthwatering main event between Rodtang Jitmuangnon and Yodlekpetch Or Achariya.

With Seksan Or Kwanmuang also on the card, the show more or less guaranteed fireworks, but there was a little disappointment beforehand when the eagerly anticipated match between Gaonar PKSaenchaimuaythai and Rungkit Mohbeskamala fell through, due to Gaonar becoming sick.

In the build up to the show there were some concerns from Rodtang’s camp regarding the weight, with Yodlekpetch a naturally bigger fighter and pictures from the weigh in clearly showed this.

The fight got going in the second round as Yodlekpetch started to push forward and attack Rodtang with solid punches. Rodtang sat back more, but was happy to trade back with heavy punches of his own.

In the third Yodlekpetch kept pushing in and Rodtang stood his ground more as both traded hard punches and elbows. There were fierce exchanges from both, as the fight looked like it would live up to the hype and expectations.

Very determined

Yodlekpetch came out for the fourth looking very determined, pushing forward and opening up with heavy shots. Rodtang looked like he had changed gameplan though, taking a more safety first approach, moving away from Yodlekpetch’s attacks and looking to pick him off with sharp counters.

Yodlekpetch never lost his focus or aggression, but Rodtang showed he was more than just a walk forward banger, with slick evasive moves.

In the final round Yodlekpetch came out swinging, knowing he was behind. Rodtang was prepared to fire back at times, but it was a different Rodtang than the one that destroyed  Jonathan Haggerty at ONE: ‘A New Tomorrow’ three week’s ago.

Perhaps knowing he was smaller than his opponent Rodtang looked to box intelligently and evaded Yodlekpetch for the last three minutes to take a clear cut decision win.

Heavy punches

The matchup between Seksan Or Kwanmuang and  Thanonchai SomawangGaiyang was the fourth encounter between the two, but this time the latter was coming back after a two year break from the sport.

Thanonchai won two of their previous encounters and the other fight a draw and started this fight looking to add to the win tally, attacking Seksan straight from the off, with heavy punches and kicks.

Seksan was happy to trade back in some fierce exchanges. In round two Thanonchai raced across the ring at Seksan opening up with more hard punches. Seksan kept a tight guard and fired back at Thanonchai with hard low kicks.

Mid round Seksan started to push forward opening up with heavy kicks and firing in sharp elbows. Round three saw more of the same as both opened up in frantic exchanges, with neither looking to give in or give their opponents any ground.

Strong start

Thanonchai started the fourth strongly and again Seksan was happy to stand and trade. Around a minute into the round there was an explosion of violence as both went toe to toe, trading elbow after elbow, with the pace unrelenting up to the bell.

There was a brief respite where Thanonchai had to be taken to see the ringside doctor after Seksan’s elbows had opened up several cuts, but the fight was allowed to continue. It was one of those electrifying rounds of action that will stay etched in the memory of those watching long after the fight finished.

In the final round Thanonchai kept marching forward looking to trade, but Seksan was more content to control the ring now, looking to defend his lead and after the intensity of the rest of the fight and the previous round not many in the arena would have blamed him for taking it a little slower.

Phuket Super Fights, Phuket, January 31st
Rodtang Jitmuangnon def. Yodlekpetch Or Achariya by Decision
Singsuriya Phonchaiplazaromklao def. Saensiri JPowerroofphuket by Decision
Petchsitar Gopwatsadupanphuketmuaythai def. Nompriew Tohrachatat by KO
Kompatak Sinbimuaythai def. Worawut MUDen Baoweejeans by Decision
Chalarm Paranchai def. Chorfar Tor Sangtiennoi by Decision
Seksan Or Kwanmuang def.Thanonchai Somwanggaiyang by Decision
Rungnarai Kiatmoo9 def. Petchsommai Sor Sommai by Decision
Superbon Teedet99 vs Mongkolpetch Petchyindeeacademy ends in a Draw
Petchseenil Sitchefboontham def. Jaroenpol JPowerroofsamui by Decision