Stamp Fairtex is going up a grappler at ONE Fight Night 10. It won’t be the first time in her career she has faced a submission specialist but the Thai atomweight thinks that there will be at least one factor in her favour.

She is a Muay Thai veteran and has been matched with BJJ purple belt Alyse Anderson. The American believes she will have the advantage on the ground but Stamp points out that when the bell sounds both fighters will be standing,

“I will not argue with her about this. She is right because I’m a striker but don’t forget that in every fight, we have to stand first before hitting the ground.”

Anderson has never been knocked out, in fact she hasn’t been finished by any opponents in her MMA career. But she hasn’t faced a fighter like Stamp who has held ONE Championship titles in both Muay Thai and kickboxing.


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Consistent practice

Stamp doesn’t think Anderson can take a punch. Or, more specifically, she doesn’t believe the American will be able to take too many of her punches,

“I’m not someone who lets people take me down, throw, or knock me down easily, at least they have to eat a few shots before they can take me down to the ground. And I don’t think Alyse can take many of them.”

Stamp also holds a BJJ purple belt. She does have two submission losses on her record but believes she has made some big improvements in recent months,

“I think my ground game has improved a lot. For this upcoming fight, I went training with my former coach, DJ Jackson, who hasn’t seen me for years. He said that he was surprised by my progress. I believe that I have improved through my consistent practice.”

However Stamp admits that Anderson might have the advantage on the ground,

“I believe my striking is far better than hers. But I might be disadvantaged in the ground game.”


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Sadistic streak

So the gameplan for Stamp will be to keep the fight standing and score the finish that way. But she won’t be throwing caution to the wind and is not going to completely overlook Anderson’s striking,

“I won’t be shy about going toe-to-toe with her. If we can trade, we trade but I will not be careless. She might have improved her striking to handle me.”

Anyone who has seen Stamp dance her way into the ring knows that she loves the limelight. But the 25 year old also has something of a sadistic streak by the sounds of it,

“I want to beat her by knockout because I’m addicted to the cheering noise from the audience when I hurt someone.”

She is used to hearing applause in places like Singapore, Bangkok and Manila. This will be Stamp’s first time fighting in the US and she wants to give the crowd there something to cheer about.