Sangmanee Sathiangym headlined the Ruamphonkhonchonpraharn superfight show at the Tupaetami air force base in Bangkok on Friday night and faced a real test against Thananchai Rachanon.

The fight was made at 142 lbs and Thananchai looked to have a big height and size advantage over Sangmanee whose pedigree saw him start the fight as a 7-4 favorite.

It was obvious from early on in the fight that it would be a difficult for Sangmanee, but he tried to get his left kicks going and catch Thananchai with some sharp straight lefts.

Thananchai really started to pile on the pressure in the third and started to use his size to good effect, walking down Sangmanee from behind some sharp punches and opening up with solid kicks and long knees.

Sangmanee tried to use his jab to frustrate Thananchai as he came in and fired in some solid left kicks, but everything seemed to bounce off the bigger fighter.

Total control

In the fourth Thananchai kept pushing forward behind a sharp jab and looked to work over Sangmanee with more solid kicks and take the fight inside when he had the chance.

Sangmanee started to push forward midway through the round as Thananchai looked to sit back more and control his lead.

Sangmanee opened up with some hard punches and left kicks, but as in the previous round most shots seemed to bounce off Thananchai who never looked in trouble.

In the final round Sangmanee had nothing to lose and came out punching, but again the height and range of Thananchi proved too much and Sangmanee struggled to land with much.

Thananchai came in with sharp counters throughout and with a minute to go looked in total control as Sangmanee’s attacks ran out of steam. Thananchai took a clear decision win at the final bell.

Best of the rest

There was some disappointment on the night as Yodlekpetch Or Achariya came down with a high fever and was forced to pull out of his fight with Panpayak Jitmuangnon just a couple of hours before the show started.

Petchuthong Or Kwanmuang showed a strong return to form in his match against Rungkit Bor Rungrot. After a slow start Rungkit started to push forward in the third, but PetchU-thong showed some slick footwork and some clever turns from the clinch that had Rungkit down on the canvas more than once.

Rungkit kept up the pressure in the fourth, coming from behind some solid punches to take the fight into the clinch again. In their previous encounter Rungkit stopped Petchuthong with low kicks a weapon he also used to good effect to dominate Petchuthong’s stablemate Seksan Or Kwanmuang, but he seemed to have forgotten all about them in this fight.

Petchuthong picked Rungkit off with fast right kicks and used some slick lateral movement again to frustrate him. In the final round Rungkit came out punching, but Petchuthong had no trouble soaking up the attacks, firing back with more hard body kicks and some sharp push kicks that saw him take a comfortable decision win.

Petchsomjit Jitmuangnon the current Rajaamnern Flyweight champion and former Channel 7 Champion took on old foe Petchsommai Sor Sommai, who held the Rajadamnern belt, before losing it to Petchsomjit back in November.

Petchsomjit started as favorite based on their previous fight, but it was Petchsommai that looked the sharper of the two throughout. Petchsomjit was more aggressive, bt couldn’t land anything substantial against Petchsommai, who fought beautifully off the back foot, outscoring Petchsomjit with sharp body kicks and push kicks to avenge his early loss with a points win.

Ruamphonkhonchonpraharn Super Fight, Bangkok, February 28th
Petchuthong Or Kwanmuang def. Rungkit Bor Rungrot by Decision
Petchsommai Sor Sommai def. Petchsomjit Sor Sommai by Decision
Thananchai Rachanon def. Sangmanee Sathiangym by Decision
Extra Rongsamakorborjorudonthani def Petchmanee Por Lakboon by Decision
Mongkolpetch Petchyindeeacademy def. Kaewkangwan Priewwayo by Decision
Lamnamoonlek Or Achariya def. Kiewpayak Jitmuangnon by Decision