The Korean Zombie has responded to accusations from Brian Ortega that he has refused to sign a fight contract. Chan Sun Jung decided to keep things classy.

His post on Instagram was quick and to the point:

The Korean Zombie simply stated that he was unable to travel from South Korea to the U.S. due to coronavirus, or Covid-19 restrictions. The two men were scheduled to fight at UFC Busan and have been feuding ever since.

However Jung doesn’t appear to want the feud to escalate. At UFC 248 Ortega slapped his friend and translator, an incident that the American subsequently apologized for.

The back and forth between the two featherweights does raise some questions. First and foremost, why is Jung unable to fly to the U.S. at a time when two other Korean fighters have been booked to compete on a UFC card there on August 1st?

Da Un Jung and Jun Young Park are both scheduled to fight on the as yet untitled card. The venue is yet to be confirmed but is widely expected to be the UFC Apex Centre.

It would be interesting to know which card the UFC had tried to match these two featherweights on. With Ortega ranked at #2 and #Jung at #4 there will be a lot of interest in this fight if it eventually happens.

In the meantime we will have to wait and see whether Ortega decides to escalate the war of words any further.