Yuya Wakamatsu is the #3 ranked flyweight and has a devastating right hand. But that is not the only reason opponents should fear the Japanese fighter.

He has been training at Sanford MMA in Florida and, according to Aung La Nsang, the 26 year old is a bit of a wild man,

“He’s a joker. He’s a really happy-go-lucky kind of guy. I didn’t get to go to the paintballing that our teammates went to, but he was the only guy without a t-shirt on while they were paintballing. That shows what kind of character he is,” La Nsang said.

Yuya Wakamatsu and Aung La Nsang

Future champion

Wakamatsu fights at ONE: ‘Winter Warriors’ next Friday. He takes on ONE Hero Series veteran Yong Hu and La Nsang clearly believes the Japanese fighter can be a future champion,

“He’s fast, man. He’s fast, technically sound, very hungry, young, and wanted to learn and absorb everything when he was at Sanford,” he said.

He thinks Wakamatsu will have his work cut out if he wants to overtake flyweight king Adriano Moraes but believes that the 26 year old could eventually claim the flyweight crown,

“He’s still young, he’s still growing. It’s going to be tough, with Adriano (Moraes) being the king at that weight class. But, of course, I believe with hard work and dedication, anything’s possible.”

Yuya Wakamatsu knocks out Kim Kyu Sung

Winning streak

Wakamatsu has win his last four fights. If he could make it five in a row by beating Hu then the Tribe Tokyo representative would be entitled to ask for a title shot.

Of course Moraes is coming of that huge knockout win over Demetrious Johnson. But the thought of fighting an opponent who goes paintballing topless should be enough to strike fear into the heart of every man.