Anissa Meksen wants a title shot and has fired back at Stamp Fairtex. The Thai fighter described her as ‘unprofessional’ after she failed to turn up to their mixed rules contest last month.

Meksen was scheduled to face Stamp at ONE Fight Night 6. Regardless of the outcome of that contest they were both set to face off in an atomweight kickboxing title fight the following month.

But Meksen pulled out of the fight at the last minute and didn’t bother to tell anyone. The promotion only found out that she wouldn’t be fighting when she failed to appear at the weigh ins.

Stamp ended up moving up to strawweight to take on Supergirl Jaroonsakgym in a kickboxing bout which she won by split decision and afterwards she made it clear she had no interest in fighting Meksen.

The French fighter has fired back although she appears to have missed the point slightly:


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Slight misunderstanding 

Meksen appears to be under the impression that Stamp thinks she is unprofessional because she can’t make weight,

I’m professional and always on weight ! I have 125 fights and never miss a check weight!

It seems a slight misunderstanding has arisen. Stamp was clearly describing Meksen as unprofessional because she didn’t turn up to the weigh ins causing the fight to be cancelled unexpectedly, and not because she couldn’t make weight.

While Meksen has already pulled out of one fight with Stamp for reasons that have not been disclosed she is still hoping to get another chance next month,

I never run away, if you want face me sign the contact for the kickboxing title shot in February 25.

No opponent

Stamp made weight and then turned up to the face offs ahead of ONE Fight Night 6. She ended up posing for photos on her own when Meksen was a no show.

But things turned out very well for Stamp. She beat an opponent who outweighed her by nearly 10lbs and picked up a $50,000 USD bonus in the process.

Meksen wants to fight Stamp next month. But the Thai doesn’t seem interested in taking that matchup and it isn’t clear whether or not the fight offer is still on the table for the French fighter after last week’s last minute pullout.