Rin Nakai’s stint in the UFC was not a successful one. The Japanese fighter lost two fights by decision and was subsequently released by the promotion.

But she is on a good run of recent form having won six fights out of six since being handed her UFC walking papers. The bantamweight was last seen submitting a Thai debutant at Deep-Jewels 26 in 2019 but Nakai remains extremely ambitious.

While some of her recent opponents do not have good records she did score a notable submission win over Kanako Murata in 2016. Nakai has been extremely vocal on Twitter recently about her ambition to return to the UFC.

These tweets were picked up by the Japanese media this week and Nakai laid out exactly what she hopes to achieve,

“I want to fight in the UFC, my goal is to be UFC champion. I want to train in the US.”

Training in the US should be easy to organize. Japanese fighters like Yuya WakamatsuTakashi Sato, Yuma Horiuchi and Teruto Ishihara are all based there at the moment.

Earning a second UFC contract might be more difficult. It is nearly two years since Nakai’s last fight and she hasn’t beaten an opponent with a winning record since 2016.

But as you can see from her Twitter feed Nakai has been training hard ahead of a potential US comeback: