Sunisa Srisen has been handed the task of welcoming Victoria Lee to ONE Championship. The 20 year old does not know much about her opponent so has been studying her older sister instead,

“I couldn’t find her previous video fights that much, so I studied Angela Lee instead. I think they both would have similar training and style, good at both striking and the ground game. She also has a karate base, too.”

Srisen has been training at the Mr Kok Gym in Chonburi. She is coming off a decision win over Rika Ishige at ONE: ‘A New Breed’ Part III and says she has made some improvements since that victory,

“After I fought with Rika my coach realized that I still have some weak points in my ground game so he trained me more in BJJ and all techniques with grappling and submissions, especially the rear-naked choke, to make my body remember how to react quickly,” she said.

Sunisa Srisen punches Rika Ishige 3

Staying busy

That was nearly six months ago but Srisen has been staying busy,

“I’ve been training since the new year, never taking a break for even one day. While people hang out, I’m still on the mat,” she said.

The 20 year old faces Lee at ONE: ‘Fists of Fury’ on Friday. She says she has been training with some much bigger opponents to prepare for this atomweight fight,

”My coach put me on the mat with some men who are sumo wrestlers and some are heavier than 100kgs. Also, I have a new weight training coach. He is from Iceland and he helps me to build stronger muscles. Then I also have a sports scientist who takes care of my nutrition.”

Sunisa Srisen overcomes Rika Ishige 2

Ready for anyone

Srisen took on Stamp Fairtex at ONE: ‘No Surrender’ last year. She was stopped by the former atomweight Muay Thai and kickboxing champion but showed she is willing to take on any opponent, regardless of their reputation.

Whereas Stamp was already a star when they fought Lee will be looking to make a name for herself next week. Both her siblings stormed past the early competition in ONE Championship and the 16 year old is expected to follow in their footsteps.

So despite being a veteran of five fights Srisen comes into a bout with a debutant as the underdog. It is an unusual situation but it is also rare for a fighter to have two MMA champions in the family, so nothing about Lee’s career trajectory is likely to be normal.

Srisen knows all this but she is staying calm and says she will be ready for whatever Lee brings to the table this Friday,

“I know that I have a fight coming up with Victoria, but I’m not scared or panicking about it. I train so hard and I am ready to fight anyone.”