Supergirl Jaroonsakgym faces Ekaterina Vandaryeva at ONE: ‘Heavy Hitters’ this month. In a plot twist that could come straight out of a Marvel movie she wants to avenge her sister’s defeat in 2022.

Her sister Wondergirl Jaroonsakgym was badly hurt during a loss to Jackie Buntan last year and needed facial surgery afterwards. Supergirl wants revenge and says she hopes to fight the American next,

“It’s Jackie (Buntan) no doubt because I want to take revenge.”

Supergirl JaroonsakMuaythai defeats Milagros Lopez

Bulking up

First of all she has to take on Vandaryeva and the teenager says she has been bulking up ahead of this strawweight Muay Thai clash,

“Her kicks are super fast and she looks quite stronger than I am, so I’m now trying to bulk up,” she said.

Vandaryeva is 12 years older than her and Supergirl clearly believes the Belarusian is bigger. But she feels her technique is superior,

“Not everything depends on age and strength. There are things I can use to fight her, like my techniques.”

Supergirl JaroonsakMuaythai knocks out Milagros Lopez 2

Fast finish

She is coming off a win on her ONE Championship debut last year. Supergirl made short work of Milagros Lopez last year but admits to being affected by nerves,

“I was so nervous in that fight. Everything happened from muscle memory. Like when I grabbed her leg and punched her, I didn’t plan to do that. It happened automatically because once you’re punched, you punch back,” she says.

The fight lasted less than a minute and says it ended before she really had a chance to showcase her talents,

“When I won, I felt like it went so fast. I was so nervous, and it ended in just one minute. I didn’t even put my all in yet.”

Supergirl JaroonsakMuaythai

No respect 

Respect for older people is an important part of of Thai culture. But it doesn’t sound like Supergirl is going to be deferential when she faces Vandaryeva on January 14th.

Supergirl warns that she packs quite a punch despite her tender years,

“I might be young but my punches are not to be fooled around with.”